Written by jaci-kajfas

Fall Brewmasters Dinner Oct. 27

Cheers to the Brewmasters Dinner!  Executive Sous Chef Paul Duncan

by Jaci Kajfas, Beverage Director Our sizzling summer season is officially cooling off, though the deck is still open for those true Northwesterners. With the layers of gray and fog come another of Ray’s passions – seasonal events! One of the most popular with our locals is our bi-annual Brewmasters Dinner, scheduled for Sunday, October… Read More >>

Traveler or Tourist, the Joy of Giving Service

by Jaci Kajfas, Dining Manager Spend the day in the market, enjoying coffee, buying flowers and people watching?  Jump on the ferry to Tillicum for a day immersed in culture and life?  Wander through the Japanese gardens and watch the cherry blossoms slowly pop open?  Gather in Woodinville and stroll the Hollywood District with friends… Read More >>