Inspire, Hope, Cure – Ray’s and BroVo Team Up For Kathi Goertzen Foundation

hope-inspire-cureYou’ll notice a special collection of cocktails featured at Ray’s Boathouse and Cafe during May, as Ray’s is teaming up with BroVo Spirits to help raise awareness for brain tumor research and generate donations for the Kathi Goertzen Foundation (KGF).

The month of May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, and BroVo has launched an initiative to raise funds for the foundation in its first year after Goertzen’s passing. Goertzen, KOMO TV News Anchor of 30 years, was diagnosed in 1988 with an aggressive, atypical Meningioma brain tumor and she started the foundation in 2011 to support research for brain tumors and brain cancer.  She passed away in August, 2012.

Since their launch in 2011, BroVo has donated $1 per bottle sold of its Rose Geranium Liqueur, and for the month of May, they are partnering with local Seattle restaurants to generate additional donations for the foundation by creating cocktails featuring this delicious liqueur.

Ray’s will feature three BroVo Spirits Rose Geranium cocktails in May and will donate $2 per cocktail sold to the Kathi Goertzen Foundation.  Special menus will be used to explain the promotion and raise awareness for the Foundation.

“Kathi was a very beloved person in Seattle and we are proud to partner with BroVo Spirits to keep her memory alive,” said Maureen “Mo” Shaw, Ray’s General Manager.  “We know the Foundation will make a real difference in brain tumor research and we are grateful for the opportunity to drive interest and awareness to this important cause.”

Three key words for the KGF are Inspire, Hope, and Cure. Ray’s Operations Manager Carol Anne Lee has created three similarly named cocktails for this special initiative.  The cocktails are available in both the Boathouse and Cafe and are priced at $12 each, with $2 per cocktail donated to the KGF.

Inspire: BroVo Rose Geranium, Vizcaya Rum, Sour, Solerno Blood Orange

Hope: BroVo Rose Geranium, honey, Parxet Cuvee 21 Cava

Cure:  BroVo Rose Geranium, Dry Fly Vodka, fresh grapefruit juice



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