Love is Love, Marriage is Marriage

By Amy Stevens, Senior Catering Sales Manager

Kasha and Rose, posing under the Ray’s sign!

There are thousands and thousands of songs that sing about the splendor of love; it is one of the human emotions that binds us all. It comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and configurations, no two loves are exactly alike. When you find love you want to scream it from rooftops, yell it from boat docks and share your great fortune with the world.

“Soon after Governor Gregoire signed the same-sex marriage act into law in February 2012, my partner Angel and I began looking for a venue for our ceremony. We’ve been together for over 16 years and we were looking forward to celebrating with friends and family. ” Angel and Dan, Married April 20, 2013 at Ray’s

There are only a few states that are recognizing that every love is equal, that each unique love has value. Washington is blazing that trail. The people of this great state have taken a stand and have made their voice heard that every person has a right to have their love counted. No matter what shape, size, color or configuration your love comes in it matters and it counts.

“My goal as an artist has been to create visibility and awareness about LGBTQ communities by creating rich, provocative portraits of “queer” families and couples internationally.  I also shoot lifestyle and wedding photography and I love how these two worlds can overlap and inspire each other.” Molly Landreth, Photographer

Couples who have shared a lifetime together without the right to marry are now getting the opportunity to take that step. They are walking down aisles, sharing vows in front of loved ones, making toasts, having first dances and holding dear the knowledge that their marriage is valued the same as everyone else’s.

Angel and Dan

Angel and Dan

“Remember why you are doing this. It’s your chance to show how much you love each other, and how much you love your friends and family. Don’t forget to have some fun along the way!” Angel and Dan

Today in Washington it is recognized that marriage is marriage. Whether it is a “same sex” marriage or “traditional” marriage it is the commitment between two individuals to love each other for a lifetime, two human beings that are entering into a partnership and choosing to bind their lives together.  It has never been more important for “same sex” couples to exercise that right.  To stand up and show the rest of the world that love is love and their love is equal and the same as anyone else.

“My goal is always the same; to create authentic, joyful and emotionally centered images which celebrate life, love and the individuality of my subject. I am thrilled that same-sex marriage is now legal in Washington State and I love working with Ray’s Boathouse because they are such a beautiful and fun venue for LGBTQ couples! ” Molly Landreth, Photographer


Waterside ceremony for Kasha and Rose

Washingtonians need to continue to be the leaders and pioneers in the quest for marriage equality  to remind us all, in the famous words of the Beatles, “all you need is love…love is all you need” and everyone’s love is real and counts!

“We had the best night of our lives, and are so incredibly appreciative! Thank you so much for ensuring that everything was absolutely perfect, stress-free, and professional! Again, we couldn’t have been happier with the way the wedding was planned, organized, and implemented – unbelievable!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Kasha and Rose, Married at Ray’s August 17, 2012

dock-aisleCome celebrate your joys, happiness, years of commitment and your love with Ray’s!   We’ve been creating and hosting joyous ceremonies like this for many years and we are committed to creating the perfect memory of a lifetime for you and your partner!

“Ray’s emerged as the perfect setting: great food, an open-air deck for exchanging vows, and a wonderful fireside room for an evening reception. A lot of details had to be nailed down quickly, and neither of us is good at “rushing”. We were relieved to find we could rely on Amy to help us navigate uncharted territory; it was clear she had done this sort of thing before! Angel and Dan

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