New Ray’s Retail Has Arrived!

Everyone needs a cool new t-shirt for the summer and we’ve launched our new line of tees, hats and sweatshirts just for you!  One of the highlights of the new line is the return of the “Ray Bird” on an awesome hooded sweatshirt, perfect for those cool summer and fall evenings.  Here’s a list of the items now available at the Cafe Front Desk (will be available online soon!)

Ray’s Collectibles


Original Tee $15.00


Rays Sign Tee $20.00 (blue, brown, grey)


Sketched Building Tee $18.00 (white, grey)


Ray Bird Hooded Sweatshirt $38.00
Youth Ray Bird Hooded Sweatshirt $28.00


Hats $15.00


Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt $46.00 (navy, light blue, grey)


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