Ray’s Collectibles

To order Ray’s Collectibles items (see photo gallery below), please call the Boathouse Guest Relations desk 206.789.3770 or send an email to rays@rays.com

Original Tee $15 (grey, blue)  S  M  L  XL
Youth Tee $12 S  M  L  XL
Sketched Building Tee $18 (grey, white) S  M  L  XL
Rays Sign Tee $20 (grey, brown, navy) S  M  L  XL
Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt $46 S  M  L  XL
Ray Bird Hooded Sweatshirt $38 S  M  L  XL
Youth Ray Bird Hooded Sweatshirt $28 (navy, light blue, gray) XS S  M  L XL
Hats $15  S  M  L  XL


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