Ray’s Serves Salmon Fit for a King

by Steve Hauch, Ray’s Purchasing Manager

springer salmon

Purchasing Manager Steve Hauch shows off one of the first Columbia River “Springers” just delivered to Ray’s!

“Good Morning, Logina (General Manager at Northwest Earth and Ocean), it’s Steve.”

“Heeeeey! Morning. How’s it going at Ray’s?”

“Awesome, as usual. It’s been busy and we need more fish.”

“The boats came in last night and the plane just landed. We have big beautiful Long Line caught King Salmon from Southeast Alaska this morning.”

“Perfect. I’ll take 200 pounds. That should do it for a couple of days.”

It’s really amazing to learn about the fish we serve here at Ray’s. The quality we serve in our Café is exactly the same as it is downstairs for your dining room experience. No compromise.

At Ray’s we love to brag about our quality of King Salmon. It’s so fresh. Seattle is a unique location as salmon can be caught up and down our coastline from Alaska to Monterey Bay, Calif. It takes no time at all to have hand-picked, big bright, fresh salmon delivered to our kitchen.

The quality of our fish is not based on our location alone.  It trails back to how it’s caught and why it’s chosen for us. One method of fishing we use is called “Long Line, Troll” caught.  This method is literally that. Fishing vessels have long booms that hang off the side of their boats. The boom is like a fishing pole, and from these poles is a series of fishing lines attached that trail behind the boat into the ocean. Now, the vessels will “troll” or simply drive the boat through the ocean and then the fish bite the lines.

This is a preferred method for sustainability as it doesn’t drag the sea floor and destroy habitats. Also the baits used are specific to the species and the fishing line is kept at a particular depth in which the salmon are suspected to be at. All of this said, it creates a scenario that catches King Salmon alone. This will not bother other species in our oceans. After the salmon is caught and taken to shore, it’s then quickly flown to Seattle, so it will stay as fresh as possible.

When we purchase King Salmon for our guests, we choose fresh, bright, ocean and river run salmon. The fish are purchased in whole form. Our butcher then filets it and pulls the bones out, then cuts it to size for table side. Ray’s takes pride in this as we are able to see each fish come in the door and, are able to hand choose the best ones. This is important as it keeps each dish much more affordable for you to come and enjoy.

Seattle is an amazing place in the world. Ray’s Boathouse is in an extremely unique place on Seattle’s water. The water literally flows under our restaurant. We appreciate all the hard work that goes into bringing fresh fish, to our restaurant. There are a lot of people involved in the process. Help us thank a fisherman when you meet one. We are here to share amazing Seattle and amazing fresh King Salmon with you. Every day, I get excited about the opportunity of choosing the best salmon in the world for you to experience.

2 responses to Ray’s Serves Salmon Fit for a King

  1. Ron Thompson March 15th, 2013 at 2:57 pm         Reply

    That’s a great looking fish. One day soon, Norma and I will come down for dinner ande enjoy some of that fish.
    Big Ron

  2. Kathleen March 15th, 2013 at 6:50 pm         Reply

    It is so interesting to hear how the King Salmon are caught using sustainable fishing practices! Makes me want to have dinner with you right now. As you know, Ray’s has been my favorite seafood restaurant in Seattle forever.

    Thanks for doing such a great job!

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