#RaysRewind: Our Family Tree

Ray's Family Tree v4

Ray’s Boathouse & Cafe has a rich and broad history in the local culinary and beverage scene. We’ve had so many incredible employees walk through our doors over the last 40+ years and it’s humbling to look at how far our roots stretch. So many people have started at Ray’s and gone on to build amazing businesses, found local events or represent exciting brands that we all know and love.

To bring this to life in a visual way we created the Ray’s Family Tree above with many of these awesome Ray’s Alumni included! But we know there are more we may be missing. Help us fill in the gaps by including names of past Ray’s team members and what they went on to do in the comments section below. Or share on social media and use #RaysRewind.

Then, we’ll add them to our family tree and keep growing!

Your Ray’s Team

3 responses to #RaysRewind: Our Family Tree

  1. Sandy Smith April 18th, 2017 at 6:24 pm         Reply

    Very fun thing to do, Please update the people that moved onto ESR.

    Angela Dunleavy Stowell (server/wine assistant BH), Jen Osborn (Cafe Server), Sandy Smith (HR) and Scarlet Keiser (Cafe Supervisor)

    I could give you a bigger list, but it sounds like Cindy Howard is sending you one of the past alumni.

    Thanks, Sandy. :-)

  2. Dean Lee April 18th, 2017 at 10:01 pm         Reply

    Dane and Carol Anne Lee with Chef Dane Catering

  3. Robert Sudar May 13th, 2017 at 9:19 am         Reply

    During the 30+ years I’ve been delivering local Washington salmon to the Boathouse, I also worked a lot with Peter Birk, Charles Ramseyer and Raquel DeHoyo, and others whose faces I can recall but whose names escape me. And of course Tom Olsson was in the kitchen for quite a few years before moving to Accounting. Lots of great folks who appreciate great ingredients – especially salmon!

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