Thank you Phil Mottet & Elizabeth Gingrich!

Phil + Elizabeth

Elizabeth is second in on the left and Phil is to her left.

Throughout our history at Ray’s we have been blessed with an incredible ownership team and a hardworking staff. The servers, bussers, bartenders, hosts, cooks, and dishwashers are the foundation of who we are and make each day at Ray’s possible.

We want to recognize Phil Mottet, a server of 36 years, and thank him for his incredible hard work and dedication to Ray’s. You will be missed by all, Phil! Enjoy retirement!

We honor Elizabeth Gingrich, an owner of Ray’s since 1975, as she retires her role. Elizabeth spent 42 years helping to guide Ray’s and celebrate both the hard working team and the loyal guest with much enthusiasm. She was our book keeper for a few years and still speaks of how much she enjoyed being in touch with the day to day staff. Thank you for your unique vision, hard work and care, Elizabeth!!

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  1. Lisa Sisley-Vallins 1985-89 July 13th, 2017 at 10:12 pm         Reply

    A hardy Ray’s send-off to both as they charter new shores. You were both so helpful and kind. Rays is and always will be a Seattle icon and incredible place to work. Let’s just hope all the “fire” is out of it’s system now. – lol.

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