Traveler or Tourist, the Joy of Giving Service

banner_short_cafe04by Jaci Kajfas, Dining Manager

Spend the day in the market, enjoying coffee, buying flowers and people watching?  Jump on the ferry to Tillicum for a day immersed in culture and life?  Wander through the Japanese gardens and watch the cherry blossoms slowly pop open?  Gather in Woodinville and stroll the Hollywood District with friends tasting amazing wines from our state?   I could continue listing many rich and amazing aspects of our diverse, creative and unique community.

I recently enjoyed the Visit Seattle Annual Luncheon, where Keith Bellows, Senior VP of National Geographic, posed the question:  “Are you a Traveler or a Tourist? Do you go on vacations or do you go on adventures?”  A tourist is one who has an experience and goes home untouched.  A traveler is one who has an experience that embraces a part of their life.  At Ray’s, we touch so many in our community and many more abroad on a daily basis, in our Café, Boathouse and Catering.

As ambassadors for Seattle and the Northwest lifestyle for almost 40 years, our tables at Ray’s are filled with guests with inquiring minds.  The questions are posed at our tables daily – “Where do you go?   What would you do if you had a day in Seattle?  Where’s the best night life?  What’s your favorite bakery downtown?”

sake-kasuThis is Ray’s.  Our culture is to reflect the Northwest and to represent quality – not just seafood but style, culture, service and all products.  Seattle is growing, and Ray’s is growing with our community.

At that luncheon, several amazing representatives of Seattle were honored by Visit Seattle, and Lucy Wilma, Concierge at the Renaissance Hotel,  was honored as 2013 Seattle Tourism Ambassador of the Year and we couldn’t agree more!  When she shared about “the moment you FEEL the joy of giving service” my heart burst and I welled up with pride.  There is no greater honor than giving great service and having it received; no gratuity needs to be included as it’s a gift in and of itself.

The inspiration that occurs daily at Ray’s tables, through views, service and our fresh sustainable cuisine is just another reflection of our community.  Ray’s views life as a traveler and supports our tourists without altering the fabric of uniqueness that Seattle offers daily.

If you are a traveler in this amazing community too, or just have a great place that you’d like us to share with our guests, please email me.  I look forward to hearing from each of you!

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