Fresh Fish Series: Black Cod!

Ray's Kasu Sablefish 2

Hello again my fresh fish friends! Today’s chapter in our series is all about Black Cod. Or is it called Sablefish, or Butterfish or Candlefish or… ? The list of names for this flaky deliciousness goes on.

At Ray’s you’ll hear it referred to as Sablefish or Black Cod. The versatility of this fish is endless, just like its names. For that reason we have several preparations for you to choose from including House Smoked, Grilled Sake Kasu and Roasted Sake Kasu. Like Salmon, it’s loaded with omega 3s, plus our wild caught black cod is highly sustainable.

During the stormy winters while the fishermen are keeping warm on land, chefs work hard to source quality frozen options that parallel the flavors of fresh. But alas the sun is coming out, and so are the fishing boats who have off-loaded and delivered fresh Black Cod to our kitchens… now ready for you to enjoy in the Boathouse or Cafe!

There’s much more to share on our Fresh Fish Series coming up this summer, stay tuned!

See you soon,

Steve Hauch, Executive Sous Chef


2 responses to Fresh Fish Series: Black Cod!

  1. Sandra and Bill Crisp November 8th, 2017 at 6:15 pm         Reply

    Will you have black cod on December 2 2017? It is a favorite of my 92 year old sis in will be her 92nd birthday on the 2 of December…
    My husband, her brother, and myself would really like her to have this fish for her special day.

    • Lauren Fior McCaffrey November 9th, 2017 at 9:34 am         Reply

      Hi Sandra + Bill – yes we have black cod on both the Boathouse and Cafe menus now will during your reservation on December 2nd. If you visit our Boathouse or Cafe pages and click on Menu you can take a look in advance. They are all listed as Sable Fish. Thank you for reaching out and we look forward to seeing you on December 2nd!

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