May Seafood Spotlight: Sablefish!

Try our two new Northwest Sablefish specials this May in celebration of our 50 years! 

Sablefish (aka black cod) is a rich, buttery fish that has been on our menu since the early days. Many of you know and adore our Sablefish in Sake Kasu, a now iconic dish which has remained a guest favorite for nearly 50 years.

This May we’re celebrating sablefish with two unique specials – a classic entree from our founding chef/partner Russ Wohlers – Cold Smoked and Roasted Sablefish, and a new appetizer from Executive Chef Kevin Murray – Roasted Sablefish Wraps.

Enjoy them now through May 31 in the Boathouse or Cafe!

50th Anniversary May Sablefish Specials

Cold Smoked & Roasted Sablefish
braised savoy cabbage, prosciutto, granny smith apple, mustard-riesling sauce

Roasted Sablefish Wraps
butter lettuce, shiso leaf, pickled cucumber and carrot, spicy honey soy, toasted sesame seeds