Ray’s Loyalty Member donates 80+ Meals to Mary’s Place

Mary's Place Dinner April 2017_2
Paula Roe & Amanda Viereck of Ray’s Catering

In the spirit of helping our community thrive and ‘caring through loyalty’, we continue our partnership with Mary’s Place in 2017! In a wonderful act of charitable giving we teamed up with one of our most loyal guests who anonymously offered to donate its family’s Loyalty Card points to offset the cost of dinner for 80+ people at Mary’s Place!

The Ray’s team prepared and delivered the meals to Mary’s Place north Seattle location last week and were greeted with much gratitude.

We are humbled and grateful for this family’s generosity and giving. A meal like this not only nourishes the women and children of Mary’s place but can brighten their whole week or month, and create happy times and memories. We hope this act of giving resonates with other Loyalty Members and that we may do this again soon!

Mary's Place Dinner April 2017

#RaysRewind: Our Family Tree

Ray's Family Tree v4

Ray’s Boathouse & Cafe has a rich and broad history in the local culinary and beverage scene. We’ve had so many incredible employees walk through our doors over the last 40+ years and it’s humbling to look at how far our roots stretch. So many people have started at Ray’s and gone on to build amazing businesses, found local events or represent exciting brands that we all know and love.

To bring this to life in a visual way we created the Ray’s Family Tree above with many of these awesome Ray’s Alumni included! But we know there are more we may be missing. Help us fill in the gaps by including names of past Ray’s team members and what they went on to do in the comments section below. Or share on social media and use #RaysRewind.

Then, we’ll add them to our family tree and keep growing!

Your Ray’s Team

Fresh Fish Series: Halibut!

BH-Pan Seared Washington Halibut 2

Kicking off our Fresh Fish Series on the Ray’s blog is….. Halibut! Halibut season has taken off this year with no short supply.  Fleets are fishing from Kodiak Island, to South East Alaska, and through British Columbia.  We’ve been filleting beautiful fish this season and halibut is forecasted to be plentiful now through October.

We’ve also just heard from our local fishermen that we will receive Washington Coast halibut as soon as this Monday, April 17!

Because of the grand numbers of halibut in the Pacific Ocean, it elevates its sustainability level, which protects other species living in our ocean, like Rockfish. This is another delicious option that is set to be abundant this year and available at Ray’s all summer.

Join us this weekend for perfectly prepared halibut in the Boathouse or Cafe!

See you soon,

Steve Hauch, Executive Sous Chef

Ode to Our Fishermen

Northern Leader Image
If there is one thing that I can put my finger on as the main reason for our 44 years of success it would be the fisherman. The fisherman, deckhands, fishing communities that support the fleets, and the families that watch their children, spouses, and parents go out to the unforgiving sea to earn a living has helped make Ray’s what we are today.

We understand that the fish we receive is a precious commodity touched by sometimes only one or two hands. Often the link between where our seafood comes from, between the sea and the restaurant table in front of you, has become longer and more obscure. For Ray’s it is easier as we have always been connected to our fisherman.

We are all very excited at the opportunity to connect with the team of the Northern Leader, and the larger Alaska Leader fleet, as made possible by this Mighty Ships documentary on the Smithsonian Channel. Our hope is that you our guests will get to see the human side of the story and understand it as we do.

To our fisherman, we appreciate each of you and we want you to know that the hard work you do shines on each plate we serve our guests. Click here for a preview of the documentary and air dates for your local channels.

Douglas Zellers
Ray’s GM