June Seafood Spotlight: Copper River Salmon!

Try our 50th anniversary Copper River Salmon special this June! 

Did you know this spring marks the 40th anniversary of Copper River Salmon in Seattle?! In 1983 Ray’s was one of just a few local restaurants to receive the first shipment of fish from Cordova, AK absolutely dripping with incredible, fatty salmon oil. They grilled it simply with salt and pepper to let the fish shine through, just as we do today. 

Enjoy this dish now through June 30 in the Boathouse and Cafe and pair it with an Oregon Pinot Noir for the ultimate Ray’s experience!

50th Anniversary June Special
Grilled Copper River Salmon
sweet corn sauce, ragout of wild mushrooms, English peas and spring onions

And check out Chef Kevin’s recipe for Grilled Copper River King Salmon with Sweet Corn Puree and Succotash on the Copper River 40th anniversary site! Click here to read the full Copper River Salmon story.